Life: Need Some Inspiration? Watch This

09/11/14 - Start watching at 10:10

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Music Interview: Buffalo Stack

buffalo stack

 - Interview with Buffalo Stack. Buy Buffalo Stack's latest album here.

Soylent Green: What's the story behind the track Dangerous?

Buffalo Stack: It's about a dangerous women. One whose selfish, material-driven, and flirtatious. One who will lift you high and leave you dry. She's terrible for you, but you need her anyway. A archetype of some women I knew before I met the right one, my wife Tania.

Soylent Green: S'mores or Rice Crispy Treats?

Buffalo Stack: Rice Crispy treats- Gluten free if Tania makes them.

Soylent Green: What other bands are you guys listening to on the road?

Buffalo Stack: Classics, Muddy Waters, BB King, The stones, Lowell George, Grant Green, The Meters, Bonnie Rait. New stuff we dig is Dawes, Jack White, Tedeschi Trucks Band.

Soylent Green: Are you guys religious? If so, what religion?

Buffalo Stack: Not religious per se, but spiritual. We like eastern philosophy, Buddhism, yoga, meditation. I like to read Kabbalah as well. But no real organized religion, we like to be independent of that.

Soylent Green: What's the story behind the "Indian Themed" album art?

Buffalo Stack: Tania painted the cover. It's a nod to deep American traditions in a way. Reminds me of some of the art in New Orleans. Also it's a take on a Buffalo skull, and our name is Buffalo Stack. The colors are a bit psychedelic, which kind of lift the earthiness up a bit to a more ethereal place. Some of the sounds on the album reflect that concept.

Soylent Green: Are you going to be playing in New England any time soon?

Buffalo Stack: Yes, we have a show coming up at Atwoods in Cambridge, MA on September 16th. We hear great things about this club. Can't Wait!

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Comedy: Hitchhiker "Kai"

Watch more Watch videos on Frequency

08/30/14 - No words for this.

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Comedy: Comedian Puts Westboro Baptist Church In Their Place

08/22/14 - Ha.

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Politics: This Needs To Stop

08/11/12 - Awful.

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Life: Is Religion Flawed Logic?

08/06/14 - Yep.

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Music: Union House Releases Debut Album "Manifesto"

union house

07/30/14 - Buy Union House's latest album.

Union House is comprised of Maine natives Ric Bruns (vocals and guitar), Greg Lunn (vocal and guitar) and Chas Bruns (drums and bass). They have just released their debut album "Manifesto".

Click here for their Facebook page.

Click here to listen to samples and download the album.

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