Viral Video: Bill Murray Is The Man
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04/09/10 - I really have no other reason for posting this other than I think that Bill Murray is the man. It's a clip of him being the man at SXSW. Apparently he just walked into some bar and started bartending cause he figured he was way better than any other bartender that ever existed, which is true, cause he's the man. He's famous and rich as shit, but still hangs out with the regular folk. Not to mention he's a fucking Ghostbuster. He should run for President.

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Gadgets: F U Steve Jobs!




04/09/10 - Adobe has announced that it is scared shitless that Apple still won't allow Flash. Why is Steve Jobs such an asshole? There have been so many times I've wanted to use Flash on my iPhone and couldn't. It's part of the reason I didn't buy and iPad. I mean, if I can't watch Flash porn videos on my iPad while I'm in Starbucks, what's the point of owning one? Am I right, or am I right?

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Photo: Interesting Porn Pics
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interesting porn

04/08/10 - Whoever runs this site posts some pretty cool porn pics. Not that I look at porn or anything. I would never do that. People who do that go to hell. And if hell turns out not to be real, then they at least go blind. Right? That blind thing is true, right? Oh whatever, click here to check hot some hot pics. The next page button is in the lower right corner.

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Photo: Jim Carey And Steven Hawking?
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04/08/10 - I have no idea what is going on here other than Jim Carey and Steven Hawking are hanging out. I'd imagine that they are probably discussing how to make the end of the world a really funny and good time.


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Photo: Irina Sheik Is Hot
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irina sheik

04/08/10 - Here's a hot model I stumbled upon today. Her name is Irina Sheik. Enjoy!


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Gadgets: Robots Are Coming!




04/08/10 - HP just announced that after 40 years in a lab they have created the first working “memristors.” They say that within 10 years we’ll be able to use them in place of the slower transistors we currently have in computer chips.

Supposedly, this is going to be awesome. I guess it will allow computers to store and process data on the same device. Right now, separate devices do these functions. Thus, data must be transferred between the two, slowing down the computation and wasting energy. Anyway, enough geek talk. I'm just excited because it looks like were one step closer to me having that porn robot I’ve been wanting since I was 13.


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Life: Where'd All The Bums Go?
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no more homeless in times square

Photo: Michael Appleton, nytimes.com

04/04/10 - Looks like the recession is over! Let's all get drunk and have sex with each other! Yay!

Apparently all the bums living in Times Square have decided to move back in with their parents (or they were taken to a secret processing plant where they murdered and then turned into a green cracker and sold to the rest of the world as food - I mean, it's a possibility.)

Check out what Chris Rovzar said in the Daily Intel:

In 2005 there were 55 homeless people living regularly in Times Square. Since the nineties, the number had been dwindling, and it continues to do so (though there has lately been a 34 percent boost in homelessness elsewhere in the city). Now there is only one. From the Times:

His name is Heavy, and he has lived on the streets of Times Square for decades. Day after day, he has politely declined offers of housing, explaining that he is a protector of the neighborhood and cannot possibly leave, the workers who visit him every day said ... Little is known about Heavy, even his full name. Heavy is a nickname, part of his last name, a fact he surrendered after more than a year of daily visits from workers. He declined to be interviewed.

Heavy hangs out at 48th and Seventh, and codges snacks and change from bodega owners and neighbors who affectionately call him a "sweetheart." "He's kind of iconic,” said Rosanne Haggerty, the president of the group Common Ground, which tries to help the homeless in the area. "He would leave for periods and then return, and some days we would actually succeed in getting him inside. But he has this fascination with the life in Times Square." We have to say, we wish he'd talked to Times reporter Julie Bosman. His answer to our regular "21 Questions" query about the new and old Times Squares probably would have rendered all other answers moot.


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