Gadgets: "Google TV"
Google TV

03/17/10 - Google, Sony and Intel are said to be developing 'Google TV.' I'd say it's about damn time. I think that Internet and TV should have merged years ago. I hate the damn "menu" that pops up now when you press guide. It's useless. Time Warner or Verizon should just buy out Hulu and combine everything into one big happy family. Wait, fuck that. I like that Hulu is free. I'm a cheap bastard and I don't like paying starving artists for their art. Yeah, forget all that. Screw TV. Hulu is where it's at.


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TV: Conan on FOX?
Conan O'Brian

03/17/10 - If you've been crying ever since Conan went off the air, you can stop now, maybe. The LA Times is reporting that he is now entering into talks with FOX. However, there is still a chance it may not go through because FOX is also looking to fill the same time slot with a bunch naked hot chicks making out with each other while skydiving (not like anyone would ever watch that crappy show).


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Film: Corey Haim Drug Ring?
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Corey Haim

03/17/10 - Apparently there is some sort of drug ring associated with the death of actor Corey Haim and it involves a bunch of doctors. Really guys? Really? You're a respected doctor that probably makes over half a million a year and your risking your job and a prison sentence so that you can tell people you write prescriptions for Corey Haim at cocktail parties? WTF?


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In the beginning there was... E-mail

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1st Post

Well, this is the first official post for Soylent Green Is Made Of People. I thought about making it thought provoking and life-changing, but then I got all lazy and went and made a sandwich. After that, I went on Facebook for a few hours to look at pictures of this chick I like. I'm finally just now sitting down to do this... Oh neat, there's a bird outside my window... Look at him peck at that thing. I wonder what he does all day? Does he know that I'm looking at him? Are birds self-aware? I mean, do they even know the difference between life and death?... I could really go for a cookie right now. Either a chocolate chip one, or that macadamia nut kind... I'd be happy either way. Opps, I'd better wrap this up. I'm late for that meeting thing I have about saving kids in Africa.

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