Politics: Higher Subway Fares!



03/18/10 - This is really funny, but I'm pissed that someone else stole my idea. I was going to make fake subway advisories to promote this site, but I was a scared little girl and was nervous I'd get fined. Apparently I should have done it. Look at all the press these guys are getting.

I guess you won't find this interesting if you don't live in New York, but more or less, people are pissed that the MTA is about to raise the subway fares again, so they have been putting these fake MTA signs throughout Manhattan. It won't make a damn difference, but at least it got some attention.


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Life: New Planet?
New Planet

03/18/10 - Extrasolar Planet Hunters (Yes, that's their real job title), are super excited as of late because they have just discovered a new planet that they can study within the "Habitable Zone." I'm not sure why they are so excited though. Habitable Zone? What the hell does that mean? We can live there some day? We can't even get the water cooler working on the space station. How the hell are we going to inhabit some gaseous planet thousands of light years away? Then again, for all I know we've had a damn base on the dark side of the moon since the 60's. Obama doesn't tell me shit anymore. Ever since he got elected he stopped returning my calls. I guess that's what happens when you get all famous and shit.


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TV: LOST Recap - S. 6 Ep. 8


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Emilie De Ravin

03/18/10 - So, I'm pretty pissed that I just launched this site yesterday because it means that I have missed out on years of blogging about LOST. I don't care what anyone else says. LOST is hands down the best show on television. I put it right up there with the likes of Seinfeld and The Cosby Show. It's obviously an entirely different animal, but still completely and utterly awesome. I'll try not to spoil too much of this weeks episode, but if you still haven't seen it, get your ass over to Hulu and watch it for free already.

Anyway, it was a fairly uneventful episode. Crazy (not as hot) Claire finally tried to kill Kate for taking Aaron, but Locke #2 separated them just before Kate got her throat cut. I'm not sure how much I care about this particular plot line. To be honest, I sort of hate the little turnip head all together. He's ruined my perfect Claire. Anyway, it was a really quick scene and the whole situation got resolved later in the episode in about 30 seconds when Claire came back and hugged Kate and apologized. Will she strike again? Only time will tell. My magic 8 ball is saying a big fat 'Yes,' considering Claire has gone off the fucking deep end.

Other than that, we got to see Sawyer and Miles play Dragnet (I'm not so sure I buy either of them as cops, but what the hell do I know?) and we also got to see that Charles Widmore is hiding off-shore preparing to attack John Locke's posse. I think that about covers it, there's not much else worth mentioning. So instead of me babbling any further, go check out some hot pics of my girlfriend Emilie de Ravin.


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Gadgets: National Broadband Fee?
National Broadband Fee

10/17/10 - Hey, guess what? There's going to be another new fee on your cell phone bill! Yay!!!! Well, maybe. That is if the FCC gets their way. They have just delivered a plan to Congress expressing how they need a crap ton of money to make the Internet better and they think it should be paid for with a new tax. I can just picture it now...

"Hey, Bob."
"Yeah, what's up Steve?"
"We need ah.. like... um, billions of dollars for our plan to work."
"Oh yeah, don't worry about that Bob. We're gonna get a bunch of money from the government."
"Oh cool. So I can go back to my Call of Duty game now?"
"Yeah, but turn the volume down, the boss is sleeping in his office."
"No problem, I'll use my headset."
"Thanks Steve."

All joking aside. It is about time this country had a complete overhaul of it's Internet. It just sucks we have to pay for it. I guess there's no such thing as a free lunch though.


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Gadgets: "Google TV"
Google TV

03/17/10 - Google, Sony and Intel are said to be developing 'Google TV.' I'd say it's about damn time. I think that Internet and TV should have merged years ago. I hate the damn "menu" that pops up now when you press guide. It's useless. Time Warner or Verizon should just buy out Hulu and combine everything into one big happy family. Wait, fuck that. I like that Hulu is free. I'm a cheap bastard and I don't like paying starving artists for their art. Yeah, forget all that. Screw TV. Hulu is where it's at.


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Politics: More School?
Mike Feinberg
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03/17/10 - Some dude named Mike Feinberg thinks we should make kids go to school for more hours during the week. He thinks the 5 day week is too short. I think this guy probably got beat up one too many times during high school and somehow thinks extending the school day will help make the bad memories go away. What an asshole.


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TV: Conan on FOX?
Conan O'Brian

03/17/10 - If you've been crying ever since Conan went off the air, you can stop now, maybe. The LA Times is reporting that he is now entering into talks with FOX. However, there is still a chance it may not go through because FOX is also looking to fill the same time slot with a bunch naked hot chicks making out with each other while skydiving (not like anyone would ever watch that crappy show).


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