Politics: Arthur Verow (D) Running For Reelection To The Maine House District 128 (Brewer)

archie verow

05/16/14 - Rep. Arthur “Archie” Verow has served his first term in the Maine House of Representatives. He served as a member of the Legislature’s Joint Standing Committee on Transportation.

Verow is a retired Brewer city clerk and has served on the Brewer City Council. He also served as mayor for two terms. Archie is a past president and current member of the Kiwanis Club and serves on the board of directors of St. Xavier’s Home and the MS Society's program planning. He is a member of the “Other Maine Writers” group and has published several short works of fiction.

He served on the steering committee for the City of Brewer’s bicentennial celebration and on the board of directors of the Brewer Historical Society. He values citizen participation and input in state and local government issues.

Verow and his wife, Fran, are parents to three children and have three grandchildren.

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Film: "Medlife Brigade - Ecuador" Now Available To Stream On YouTube

05/15/14 - Medlife Brigade: Ecuador is a documentary by Maine filmmaker, Chas Bruns, that follows a group of students on their 2011 medical brigade with the NGO Medlife. They travel to Tena, Ecuador and surrounding areas to give medical aid and assistance to the poor. More information is available at medlifeweb.org

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Politics: Aaron Frey (D) Running For Reelection To The Maine House District 124 (Bangor and part of Orono and Veazie)

aaron frey

05/14/14 - Rep. Aaron M. Frey served his first term in the Legislature representing House District 124, which covers part of Bangor, part of Orono and Veazie. He serves on the Joint Standing Committee on Appropriations and Financial Affairs.

Rep. Frey earned a degree in politics from Saint Anselm College and a law degree from Roger Williams University School of Law. He works as an attorney and has his own law practice in downtown Bangor.

Born in Bangor, Rep. Frey initially lived on Birch Street until his family moved to a neighboring community. He presently lives in Bangor on Drew Street.

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Life: Time And Respect


05/15/14 -Yep.

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Photo: Girl Of The Day

hot girl

05/15/14 - She seems like she's in a good mood.

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Things To Do: Portland Pride

portland pride

05/15/14 - Pride Portland! Launch Party. Kickoff to Portland Pride 2014! May 15th at the Port City Music Hall. On Sale Now

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Politics: Tori Kornfield (D) Running For Reelection To The Maine House District 125 (Bangor)

Tori Kornfield

05/14/14 - Rep. Tori Kornfield has been a lifelong educator. She taught for 37 years, 30 at Bangor High School. She has a Masters degree in teaching and Certificate of Advanced Study in educational administration. She has two daughters, three grandchildren, and a husband who is a professor at the University of Maine.

She has traveled extensively including going around the world by ship. She has been out with the game wardens to tag the bears in their winter dens and on the red carpet at the Academy Awards. Rep. Kornfield feels extremely lucky to retire from a profession she loved and then to immediately begin a new career that she finds so interesting and enjoyable.

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