Things To Do: Portland Pride

portland pride

05/15/14 - Pride Portland! Launch Party. Kickoff to Portland Pride 2014! May 15th at the Port City Music Hall. On Sale Now

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Politics: Tori Kornfield (D) Running For Reelection To The Maine House District 125 (Bangor)

Tori Kornfield

05/14/14 - Rep. Tori Kornfield has been a lifelong educator. She taught for 37 years, 30 at Bangor High School. She has a Masters degree in teaching and Certificate of Advanced Study in educational administration. She has two daughters, three grandchildren, and a husband who is a professor at the University of Maine.

She has traveled extensively including going around the world by ship. She has been out with the game wardens to tag the bears in their winter dens and on the red carpet at the Academy Awards. Rep. Kornfield feels extremely lucky to retire from a profession she loved and then to immediately begin a new career that she finds so interesting and enjoyable.

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kahbang arts


May 12, 2014. Bangor, Me: KAHBANG Film has announced the introduction of KAHBANG Film Interactive, an audience participation based screening modeled after the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” interactive showings. The inaugural event will screen the movie “Wet Hot American Summer” and takes place Saturday August 9th at the Brick Church in Bangor from 11 pm to 1 am as part of the KAHBANG Film Fest. Any KAHBANG Festival Platinum, Gold, or Film Pass holders will be honored at the door. Film Passes for the entire Film Festival may be purchased at www.kahbang.com/tickets or individual tickets will be on sale at the event for $5.00.

“We picked “Wet Hot American Summer” because it’s a cult classic movie set in Maine, that people love and we can have a lot of fun with it. Since CNN Travel called us one of the weirdest film festivals in the country, we really decided to embrace that title and offer a unique viewing experience for the audience as part of the Film Festival; and that is how KAHBANG Film Interactive started. To participate, people are encouraged to dress up for the costume contest as their favorite camper or counselor from the movie to win a prize. We also will provide the audience with different props to use during the film and have leaders in the audience that will let the crowd know when to use the props. Shouting at the screen during the movie is also highly encouraged. It’s going to be a great time.”

-Meg Shorette, KAHBANG Film Executive Director

KAHBANG Film Interactive: “Wet Hot American Summer” encourages people to dress up as their favorite camper or camp counselor from the movie and participate in a costume contest before the screening. There will be various prizes given out to participants including cash and cans of mixed vegetables. Event organizers will provide props to the audience to enhance viewer experience and lead the crowd in using the props. Concessions will be available during the screening for purchase. Open to all ages, this screening will be part of the 2014 KAHBANG Film Festival, which includes other mainstream and indie film screenings, during the August 7-10th event.

For more information or to purchase tickets, please visit www.kahbangfilmfest.org or contact KAHBANG Film Fest Executive Director, Meg Shorette at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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Music: Best Of Portland

portland best of show

05/14/14 - Portland Phoenix Best of Show. Come celebrate the Best of Portland! May 14th at the Port City Music Hall. It's free!

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Photo: Naked Girls In Abandoned Buildings?

BARE USA Indiegogo from Brian Cattelle on Vimeo.

05/13/14 - Our friend Brian Cattelle has launched an awesome Indigogo idea mixing nude photography and abandoned buildings. We think it's pretty awesome. If you think so too, throw him $5 or $10 and help his dream become a reality.

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Politics: John Schneck (D) Running For Reelection To The Maine House District 126 (Bangor)

John Schneck

05/13/14 - Rep. John C. Schneck has served his first term in the Maine House of Representatives (2012-2014). He is a member of the Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee. John is semi-retired and has a diverse work history which includes running a small family pest-control business, working as a re-insurance treaty underwriter in New York City, and most recently was the daytime news anchor on WKIT (Stephen King’s radio station).  He is a licensed amateur radio operator (currently licensed as WA2OUU). As a Vietnam War veteran serving in the U.S. Navy, he is also a member of the American Legion.

After spending many years camping, backpacking, and hiking extensively throughout Maine and the New England area, John and his family chose to move to Maine in 1997. He and his wife Mary settled in Bangor where they raised their two daughters, Katie and Kelly.  John and Mary continued to reside in Bangor with their four-legged son (an Airedale named Murphy).

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Comedy: Sir Ian McKellen On How To Be A Good Actor.

Ian McKellen on Extras by Victor_Bugle

02/07/13 - Ha.

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