Life: Is Religion Flawed Logic?

08/06/14 - Yep.

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Music: Union House Releases Debut Album "Manifesto"

union house

07/30/14 - Buy Union House's latest album.

Union House is comprised of Maine natives Ric Bruns (vocals and guitar), Greg Lunn (vocal and guitar) and Chas Bruns (drums and bass). They have just released their debut album "Manifesto".

Click here for their Facebook page.

Click here to listen to samples and download the album.

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maine film

07/30/14 - Low-budget independent feature seeking scrappy, energetic grip crew to work in Jonesport, Maine Aug. 5 to Sept. 7, 2014.

The Lighthouse Project Film (working title) is a period drama being shot in the coastal village of Jonesport, Maine and at the Moose Peak Lighthouse. Written and directed by Erica Fae. Starring Antti Reini, Finland's top actor. DP Wes Cardino. Shooting on Arri Alexa with Cooke prime lenses. Awesome housing, RT travel and all shoot day meals provided. Flat rate deal-- $3,300, plus kit fees.

Contact: Jane Applegate, producer: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

The Lighthouse Project (working title) is inspired by true stories of female lighthouse keepers in the 1800’s. It folds psychological suspense, passion, and revelation into a story of quiet rebellion. Set on the austere, rugged coast of Maine in 1876, we meet Abbie Moore who is tending the remote lighthouse on behalf of her ailing husband. Knowing that many covet the job of lighthouse-keeper, she works to keep the villagers in the dark about her husband’s absence from his post.

As a North Atlantic storm tests her resolve, a Swedish sailor - hoping to find his wife who left him for a better life in America - jumps ship, lands on the rocks and brings both scandal and support. Secrets left in the deep waters unfold as we dive into the story of a woman fighting for her home, a man struggling to mend his past, an intimacy both shocking and surprising, and ultimately a question of who is saving whom.

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Music: Garden State Line Review

garden state line

07/30/14 - Buy Garden State Line's latest album.

Garden State Line recently released "Walk Away" and "Liquid Universe". If you're into Sublime or Incubus, these guys could be your 2014 fix. "Walk Away" can get a bit repetitive lyrically, but is definitely catchy (sort of made me want to get in a fight?). "Liquid Universe" can be slow at times, but makes up for it with a great drum track and guitar solo. Overall, I liked what I heard and am looking forward to what's coming up next.

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Music: The Idea Men Review

07/30/14 - Buy The Idea Men's latest album.

The Idea Men recently released "All The While". It's a fun blues/rock song you could throw on at your next BBQ turned kegger. If you're into Jack White or Dr Dog, these guys could be for you. Grab a beer and hit play.

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Music: Horse Thief Premiere "Little Dust" Video

07/30/14 - Buy Horse Thief's latest album.

More Info From The Publicist: "I had written a short film script called "Ordained" that I had been sitting on and it just felt like the perfect pairing to Cameron's songwriting. Cameron and I really worked together seamlessly in the creative process and I knew this role could be perfect for Luis [Bordonada]." – Matt Bizer, Director and owner of Robot Fondue

Bella Union has just released Fear In Bliss, the debut album from recent signings HORSE THIEF. This youthful band is a purveyor of a panoramic yet nuanced sound, flowing from intimate to anthemic, the mood from vibrant to contemplative, with front-man Cameron Neal’s lyrics ranging from confessional to metaphorical. The result evokes the wide-open spaces of America’s Midwest but infuses the sense of grit and wonderment with edgier emotions.

Horse Thief, originally founded in Denton, TX, moved to Oklahoma City to attend the Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma, from which they recently graduated. The band subsequently signed with the Flaming Lips’ management and soon came to the attention of Bella Union. Though Fear In Bliss was conceived at Horse Thief’s Oklahoma headquarters the band decided to record the album in LA, “to leave our comfort zone of Oklahoma”, and producer Thom Monahan (Devendra Banhart, Vetiver) has helped the band fuse their renowned stage performance with studio quality.

The over-arching theme to Fear In Bliss is “finding yourself and what you believe in, and finding the comfort in acknowledging fear. I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression which comes out a lot on the new album. But when everything gets rough, I think there’s always a way to fix it. The biggest thing for me is to give comfort to people, to shed light on the truth that someone is feeling the same way as them.".

Somewhat appropriately, having originated in Denton, TX, Horse Thief toured with fellow Dentonians and label mates Midlake throughout February, on their UK / European tour. They just came off a US tour with The Paper Kites.

Fear In Bliss is out now on Bella Union.

-Brought to you by Robert Thorn.

Viral Video: Weird Deep Sea Creature On Film

07/23/14 - We are not alone...

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