Art: Greenhut Galleries - John Whalley Opening Reception Thursday June 7, 5-7pm

john whalley

06/09/18 - Brushwork is John Whalley's 8th solo exhibition at Greenhut Galleries. This exhibition of paintings and drawings continues Whalley's exploration of reclaiming discarded tools, seashells, and other objects and giving them new life. His beautifully rendered images seem to instill, or rather uncover, an inner light within his subjects.

John Whalley is a masterfully skilled realist painter with a keen sensitivity to the quiet, sometimes concealed, and often overlooked beauty that emanates from humble, discarded objects, or as he puts it, "the beauty that speaks softly." His work is illuminated not only by a reverence for these well-worn objects themselves, but also by a deep empathy for their prior owners and a curiosity for the shared history of the objects and their owners.

John Whalley's work exemplifies philosopher William Benjamin's mystical linguistic theory and his notion of a "thing-language," that emanates silently from all objects in the physical world, perceptible only to the few who are psychically attuned to it: "it is very conceivable that the language of sculpture or painting is founded on certain kinds of thing-languages, that in them we find a translation of the language of things into an infinitely higher language. . . .We are concerned here with nameless, non-acoustic languages, languages issuing from matter. . the communication of things is certainly communal in a way that grasps the world as such as an undivided whole."

John Whalley is endowed with vision and a tremendous gift for such translation -- an ability not only to perceive the beauty hidden and stories contained in the vast collection of objects that he and his wife have collected over the years (now meticulously organized in his Nobleboro studio), but also to draw out and amplify the messages received. In so doing, the artist allows the viewer to share in the privilege of his vision -- to experience beauty we otherwise would have missed or undervalued. In Whalley's hands, ordinary objects become subjects - not only in the sense of "subject matter," but also in a more philosophical sense, as entities endowed with a point of view, with personal histories and life stories to share. The effect is warm, authentic, and profound.

Though Whalley's previous Greenhut shows have typically been a mix of paintings and graphite drawings, Brushwork will contain only two drawings: "I found myself wanting to explore my subjects in color, with a collection of twenty oil and egg tempera paintings. Hence, the title Brushwork, which also gave a nod to the seven paintings that had as their subject some of the many old, oversized paintbrushes I've collected over the years. Each of these brushes holds a story of their long service that I wanted to pay tribute to."

John Whalley earned his BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1976. His work is in numerous private, national and international collections including the Georgia Museum of Art, Athens, Georgia; the Otto Naumann Collection, New York City and the Alfred Bader Collection, Milwaukee, Wisconsin to name a few. His publications include John Whalley - American Realist published in 2001 and John Whalley - In New Light, a 30 year retrospective book of drawings and paintings published in 2006. In addition, he was featured on the television show Bill Green's Maine in 2008.

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kahbang art gallery

05/07/14 - Saturday May 10th, 7 – 9 pm at 89 Central Street, Bangor.

May 7, 2014 – Bangor, ME: KAHBANG Arts, the non-profit organization that helps to produce the annual KAHBANG music | art | film Festival, has announced the construction of a new art gallery space on 89 Central Street in downtown Bangor. The KAHBANG Arts Central Gallery officially opens on May 10th with an Opening Party & Mixer from 7-9 pm that is open to the public. The event will feature music, a raffle to raise funds for the gallery, food from The Whoopie Pie Café, and libations provided by Geaghan Brothers Brewing. The opening exhibit, to be featured through May, is Maine artist Scott Minzy. His work, I Remember Tomorrow, features prints created from hand-made woodcarvings.

“I am incredibly excited to be opening a space that KAHBANG Arts can call their own. Opening this gallery is the first stepping stone in reaching our goal of drawing in artists from all over the state so we can help to develop, support, and educate them in new and exciting capacities, year round. This is something that my team has been working very hard on for the past year and seeing it come to fruition, along with the support of the community, is very exciting and encouraging to us that we’re providing the community with something they were missing. I really encourage people to come down to the mixer, have a great time and see what we’re all about.”

-Meg Shorette, KAHBANG Arts Executive Director

Gallery exhibits are planned to rotate 12 times per year, and will include programming as part of the KAHBANG Festival in August, with a new exhibit opening on the first Saturday of every month. In addition to exhibits, the Central Gallery will host artist talks, workshops, musicians and other creative events throughout the year. KAHBANG Arts stands strongly behind its belief that galleries should be uncensored spaces open to all ages that provide artists with the opportunity to connect with new audiences.

KAHBANG Arts is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the discovery, development and support of independent artists. Through its programs, KAHBANG Arts seeks to connect innovative and creative practitioners with resources for creation, exhibition and collaboration. The organization encourages freedom of expression, diversity and art as a means of communicating both individual and community values.

As part of its mission, they provide opportunities for independent artists to explore their work free from commercial pressures. By providing year-round creative and financial support for development in the vast spectrum of the arts, KAHBANG Arts remains committed to its mission to discover and support artists, as well as maintaining a community which encourages the free flow of creative expression, ideas and a creative economy. Any artists interested in becoming a part of KAHBANG Arts are encouraged to contact Executive Director, Meg Shorette at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Image: DaVinci Signs workers hanging up the KAHBANG Arts Central Gallery sign at 89 Central Street, Bangor in April. Photo: Sarah Eremita

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Art: Artist Tribute To Nelson Mandela Shut Down By Police

12/19/13 - Oh that Pigeon. He's such a troublemaker.

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Art: Maine Artist Daniel Corey

daniel corey

06/10/13 - We met Daniel Corey at the 66th Annual Maine Lobster Festival. We thought he was a pretty cool guy and we really like his art. If you're into Maine and/or Maine art, you'll want to check him out.

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Art: Glittering Carl Sagan Inspired Photography by Debora Indi

naked glitter

04/23/13 - Art is nice.

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