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Music Review: Justice At Terminal 5

justice at terminal 5


03/18/12 - All of us here at Dirty Awesome have been Justice fans since the beginning. I want to make of point of saying that. That being said, last night was somewhat of a let down. 

The venue was decent, but the sound was a little sub par. It wasn't that the sound system was crap - it actually sounded pretty good. However, no matter where we stood (we tried out all three floors) it sounded kind of quiet. It felt more like we were listening to an iPod at a house party than watching a live show. Maybe they have a decibel limit due to a sound ordinance? 

The second let down was that Justice didn't seem that into it. I felt like they were just going through the motions, grabbing their paycheck and peacing out. It may have been because it was their second night at the venue? For all I know they were up all night doing coke and banging strippers at the after party the night before (such things can make one groggy). Regardless, their energy was way down.

The final disappointment was their light show. Not only was it boring and cheap (granted, it was a club show), but it looked relatively the same as tours from two or three years ago? It's definitely time for an upgrade.

Anyway, enough complaining. It wasn't like we had a horrible time. Justice had a decent live set and there were also a few venue perks: There were no bar or bathroom lines (on the third floor at least). There were flat screens on every level so you could watch the show even if a seven foot dude was standing in front of you. There was room on the upper levels to dance your ass off. And we weren't hassled even once by any macho security guards. All in all, we'd give our experience at Justice at Terminal 5 a B-.

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