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Food Review: 1 or 8 On South 2nd And Wythe

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04/11/12 - Tonight we got a chance to eat at the new sushi place on South 2nd and Wythe in Williamsburg called "1 or 8." Don't let the view through the front window fool you. It's a big place. It really opens up in the back. It's got a modern clean white vibe to it, but don't worry hipsters, there are birch trees surrounding the ceiling as well (also painted white). So, lets get to the food. The house salad was great. The veggies were sliced so thin they almost melted in your mouth. To be honest, everything we tried had a "light and fluffy" vibe to it, which is what I am personally looking for when I go to a sushi place. I'm not a fan of heavy mayo in my tuna or too much tempora. That being said, the crab was insanely good. By far my favorite. If you're in the mood for good crab, head over there now. All in all, we give 1 or 8 an A- (it would have gotten an A, but it was a bit on the pricy side). 

P.S. - They have damn good saki too.

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