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Strip Club Review: Diamonds In Bangor, Maine

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04/20/12 - So, happened to wander into Diamonds strip club in Bangor, Maine for a friends birthday party the other night and, believe it or not, we had a blast. A blast you say? Yes, an all around damn good time. Honestly. I know. I know. I was expecting a hole in the wall dive bar as well. I mean, you just don't think high quality strip club when you picture Bangor, Maine, but I gotta give it to these guys. They made a pretty decent venue. Three girls dancing at any given moment. Huge seating area. Tons of hot drink girls and fair prices.

I've been to strip clubs in Amsterdam, Montreal, LA, New York, Vegas, etc, etc. I've pretty much seen them all and I have to say that Diamiond's held its own. Not only are the girls hot, but they put on a show as if they were on Broadway. One dancer started out her set dressed as Iron Man, full suit and all. Also, it's not the same old locals over and over again. They import new girls from Boston, New York and Canada every weekend. That's not to say the locals aren't hot. They're pretty damn great too. Overall, we give our experience at Diamond's strip club in Bangor, Maine an A-.

It would have been an A, but we hate the fact that the city of Bangor makes their strippers cover their nipples with pasties. Honestly Bangor, get with the times. France airs topless yogurt commercials that a child could see at one in the afternoon, but a bunch of consenting adults aren't allowed to see a strippers nipples in a private club? That makes about as much sense as prohibition. 

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