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Blog Interview: Blogger Christina Jeter
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christina jeter

02/18/11 - Interview with Christina Jeter.

1.) How long have you been blogging for?

I have been blogging for two and a half years.

2.) Where are you from?

I am from Long Beach, California.

3.) What got you into blogging?

I use to live in Harlem, New York and with the recession I had to relocate, while going through the transition of arranging my life to a new atmosphere, I found it very therapeutic to talk about the things that lead me to this point and how I was going to get through it.

4.) What is your favorite thing you've written?


5.) Are you trying to change the world, or just like to post your thoughts?

I am trying to change the world, all while giving my thoughts on how it can be done! I truly believe everybody is powerful and I love to encourage and give the positivity people need to succeed. A year ago I was educated on the life of Andre Cailloux and all the great things he, his wife and others did. Because of hate, everything was destroyed and I am grateful someone kept it alive by word of mouth, his burial place is even alleged. I think, what better way to help with the bullying going on today than to show the greatness in a person who could have been killed because of his natural existence and laws stating he wasn't even worthy of life, except to serve and endure the cruelty given by appalling people. I quote this because history does repeat itself, as spoken by my father, " Sometimes people can see the good in you and instead of wanting you to achieve it, they make you feel ashamed of it!" I have no need to be envious, jealous, and spiteful of others who are great because I want them to succeed, as I am going to take their success and inspire myself to achieve my dreams and be just or more great!

6.) Do you do anything else, or do you blog full time?

I do interviews for StreetApprovedMag.com, GALA, ShowGirlExclusive and Hidden Treasure Magazine, write opinionated pieces, inspirational pieces, working on a book and always looking to use my skills and widen my talents with those who let me! P.S. Thank you for this opportunity by the way (wink) xo

7.) What other blogs do you read the most?


8.) Do you have any advice for someone else trying to start a blog?

I say they only way you are going to achieve anything is be open to change. Don't get discouraged. Take it day by day. Keep at it, and then you can look back on how you have grown and expanded your technique.

9.) Do you think blogs are a fad, or are they here to stay?

Blogs are here to stay. Technology is a blessing, because it has connect me with people all over the world without me leaving my location.

10.) What are you going to write about next?

I want to continue to write about the New Orleans 19th Century African Americans and the struggles they over came.


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