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Film Interview: Actor And Model Saul Luzeus
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saul lazeus
Saul Luzeus in New York

- We got the chance to catch up with actor/model Saul Luzeus while he was in between gigs in Brooklyn, New York. Here's what he had to say:

SGIMOP: When did you know you wanted to be an actor?

SAUL: Growing up in small household of 3, one can find a lot of time to use his imagination. I remember I used to sit in my room alone, acting out scenes from Terminator and Beverly Hills Cop, but it wasn't until later, in my high school years, that I became interested in making films. So, to answer that question, I wanted to act since I came out my mother's womb.

SGIMOP: Do you prefer the model type, or the girl next door? 

SAUL: I love a beautiful model, but I'm also fond of the cutie next door. Sometimes the girl next door is a model...Ha! But with me, the girl has to have a great personality, because looks come and go. Character is there forever.

SGIMOP: Why did you choose to pursue acting in New York over LA?  

SAUL: I choose to pursue acting in New York over LA only because if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere! But the fact is that the LA market is for people who have already made a name for themselves. New York is where you build it from scratch. We also have so many things happening everyday: student films, indie or spec commercials, music videos...and dont even get me started with stage. We have it all! New York provides work for actors. So if you're not working here, maybe this isn't the career path to choose.

SGIMOP: TV or film? 

SAUL: I love TV AND film. With TV, you earn a steady paycheck and people know who you are nationally (maybe international depending what show it is), BUT with movies, it's a big budget contract and its global! So overall, I would probably go with film.

SGIMOP: What's been your favorite gig so far?

SAUL: My favorite gig that I've done so far was about 2 years ago for this movie called It's Not You, starring Steve Guttenberg. I met some of the greatest people ever that are like family to me now. We still work with each other and help one another out with whatever.

saul lazeus
Saul Luzeus in New York

SGIMOP: Angelina Jolie or Jada Pinkett Smith? 

SAUL: Neither.

SGIMOP: What's the biggest name you've worked with so far? 

SAUL: I'd say the biggest I've worked with were Jesse Williams, Donny Wahlberg, and Allen Coulter.

SGIMOP: Do you prefer acting or modeling?  

SAUL: I'd pick acting over modeling any and everyday of the week, month, year, light years, but that doesn't mean I would deny a modeling gig though, haha!

saul lazeus
Saul Luzeus in New York

SGIMOP: Have you ever worked behind the camera?

SAUL: Yes. I actually work behind the camera most of the time. That's where I got started. It's not easy. You have to be focused and very knowledgeable. Time is money on a movie set.

SGIMOP: What's next for you? 

SAUL: I'm working on a few projects and I have a couple of things planned with Actor/Filmmaker Chas Bruns and Actor/Writer Francis Cooper. So you will be hearing about these names in the near future. Sooner than expected.


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