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Photography Interview: Adam Hess
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adam hess
Adam Hess

- We got the chance to catch up with photographer Adam Hess while he was in between gigs in Bangor, Maine. Here's what he had to say:

SGIMOP: When did you know you wanted to be a photographer?

ADAM: I became interested in photography as a freshman in high school. I'd skip classes and stay late to be in the darkroom. At that time it was just something fun to do. I wasn't taking it seriously. The moment I knew I wanted to be a photographer happened during a lunch break when I was washing dishes at a Cracker Barrel in Myrtle Beach. Being the people watcher and wall flower I am, I saw a co-worker sobbing in the corner of the break room and asked him what was wrong. He said he was so happy because he won $200 on a scratch-off ticket and could pay some bills. It was a powerful moment and right then a few things clicked into place. I didn't want to be in his situation and I wanted to remember that moment and feeling forever. I remember saying to myself, "this would be a powerful photograph." Right then, it hit me. I knew I wanted to be a photographer.

SGIMOP: How would you describe your style of photography? 

ADAM: I shoot everything. Fashion shoots and shows, concerts, weddings, family portraits, drunk people, product photography...I also creep around at night and take photographs of cities. So my style is well... 'My Style'. Everyone who looks at my photographs are seeing through my eyes and seeing what I saw. They have a better understanding of my style then I do. I just shoot and keep shooting the things I find interesting. So, if you were looking for a real answer to this question, you probably aren't going to get one, haha.

SGIMOP: Why did you choose to pursue photography in Maine?  

ADAM: This is home for me. I understand the way of life here and the people. It's beautiful here. I think it is a perfect place for me to develop and hone my skills without the distractions of huge city life. I'll move out of Maine, but in the long run it will be temporary, because I want a studio and gallery in Maine at some point.

SGIMOP: Shooting high fashion or abstract? 

ADAM: I don't think they are mutually exclusive. High Fashion is very creative, but not always practical. Abstract is the same in my mind. I would love the opportunity to shoot high fashion for big clients, but I like that I can pick up my camera right now and take an interesting abstract photograph. I think I'm going to do that.

SGIMOP: What's been your favorite gig so far?

ADAM: Working with the KahBang Festival has been unreal. Being on stage next to musicians and looking out at thousands of people all pumped up and dancing is amazing. Also working with Sophronia Designs has been a cool experience. My best selling photograph came from one of the shoots I did with them.

adam hess
Adam Hess

SGIMOP: Shooting a rock concert, or alone in the woods? 

ADAM: Do these questions get easier? I'm not really a nature photographer (Weird - considering I live in a beautiful place). Concerts are fun and the energy from them is amazing, but I think I could be more creative with a photograph if I was alone in the woods.

SGIMOP: What's the biggest name you've worked with so far? 

ADAM: Maybe not "worked with," but I've photographed some big name music artists: B.o.B., OK Go, Lloyd Banks, Akrobatik, Onyx, Bad Rabbits, Rustic Overtones, Girl Talk and Matt and Kim, to name a few.

SGIMOP: Do you prefer Canon or Nikon?

I personally shoot Canon. I've always shot Canon. I like the interface. Give me a Nikon and it would take a few minutes to get used to it. I think the light meter is backwards. I get this question a lot. What's more important is the photographer. A certain brand of camera is not going to make you a better photographer. People want to buy an expensive camera and think that's going to make them better. Not true at all. Take the time and learn the craft of photography, that will make you a better photographer.


adam hess
Adam Hess

SGIMOP: Have you ever worked behind the camera?

ADAM: Sort of. I have a series going on where I put multiple "me's" in an image interacting with each other. I do that for different reasons. One, it's self expression. Two, when I get that burst of inspiration, sometimes I'm the only person around to photograph. I've also done some short films for festivals with some friends, but I'm not a good actor. 

SGIMOP: What's next for you? 

L.A. I think. I want to apprentice under some people and get better as a photographer. I still have a lot to learn. I don't know which direction my photography will go, but I will spend the rest of my life trying to perfect this craft.. Peace & Love.



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