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Gadgets: This Looks Healthy

healthy grill

09/07/12 - Ha

-Brought to you by Robert Thorn.

Gadgets: Indoor Fire Pit

indoor fire pit

08/16/12 - Ok, so you're from Maine. You like drinking around fire pits. However, it gets a bit chilly come January. If you want to drink inside around a fire pit, you might like this little guy.

-Brought to you by Robert Thorn.

Gadgets: Bangor Is Going To Build A Pool That Will Filter And Clean The Penobscot River?

plus pool brooklyn

08/16/12 - Ok, so they're not doing it in Bangor. They're doing it in Brooklyn, but there is no reason we couldn't have an awesome pool in the Penobscot River, right? Click here to watch the video.

-Brought to you by Robert Thorn.

Gadgets: One Day Flying Robots Like These Will Be Weaponized

08/04/12 - Sort of reminds me of the robots that hunt Tom Cruise in Minority Report. Only these ones fly.

-Brought to you by Robert Thorn.

Gadgets: Facebook To Allow You To See Who Views Your Profile


see who viewed your facebook profile

07/19/12 - Facebook is supposedly going to start allowing users to see who views their profile. People seem to be freaking out about this, but I'm still totally gonna look at hot chicks I don't know. So what if they know I'm looking at them in their bikini pics? That's why they post that shit. They secretly want guys to comment on how great they look on their spring break in Mexico while they're taking belly shots off their bisexual friends stomachs and triple kissing with their hot model cousins from Italy. At least now maybe they'll know who I am. Bring it on Facebook! Bring it on!

-Brought to you by Robert Thorn.


Gadgets: They Just Discovered The "God Particle"
god particle

07/03/12 - We discovered the Higgs Boson! It's also known as the "God Particle." What does that mean for mankind?...I'm not entirely sure?

-Brought to you by Robert Thorn.

Gadgets: Is BlackBerry Going To Go Out Of Business?


blackberry is going out of business

06/28/12 - I've never owned a BlackBerry, so I can't say whether or not they make a good phone, but I will say I do love my iPhone. BlackBerry is going to have to pull a hail mary if they want to give Apple a run for their money. Looks like they have a huge first-quarter loss.

-Brought to you by Robert Thorn.


Gadgets: Circle Ping Pong


ping pong circle

06/19/12 - Awesome.

-Brought to you by Robert Thorn.


Gadgets: Apple 2012 Macbooks Have Arrived


06/11/12 - Oh Apple. What will you do next?

-Brought to you by Robert Thorn.


Gadgets: Apple OS X Lion Coming In July


06/11/12 - Meh. 

-Brought to you by Robert Thorn.


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