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Gadgets: They Say Internet TV Is On The Way?


google tv

04/16/12 - I don't personally know anyone who still has cable, besides my parents, but if you happen to be throwing your money away on that, you might want to think about getting an internet ready TV and a wireless mouse and keyboard. Once they make the switch and make cable and the Internet one in the same, you don't wanna get left behind.

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Gadgets: Want An Indestructible Wallet?


aluminum wallet

04/16/12 - Ok, so it's not indestructible, but it's still a metal hard case wallet that protects from water, fire and kryptonite! Get yours here.

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Gadgets: Want 60% Off A MacBook Cover?


macbook cover

04/10/12 - I've smashed my laptop before. Believe me, a case is worth it. Get one for 60% off here.

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Gadgets: Solar Highways


04/10/12 - I hope this happens.

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Gadgets: Need A Memory Card Carrying Case For $5?


memory card case

03/30/12 - We own a few of these here at Dirty Awesome for photo shoots and video projects. Comes in pretty handy and keeps you from loosing $80 memory cards. Thought we'd share a link to a memory card case that's only $5.

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Gadgets: See-through Canoe?


glass bottom boat

03/21/12 - Who wouldn't want to see the great white from below right before it bites you in half?

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Gadgets: A Jellyfish Aquarium. For Real.



03/15/12 - Who doesn't love baby jellyfish? Buy one here.

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Gadgets: Just A Lobster Phone


lobster phone

02/09/12 - Isn't Maine Great?

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Gadgets: Home Theater Installation - Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Professional

home theater installation

A home theater has turned into a much-needed necessity in many homes today. Not any longer a sign of just luxury, home theaters really are a wonderful method to involve family and friends and spend some relaxed movie-watching moments from the comforts of one’s home. With different companies coming up new and improved home theaters and even helping them get installed easily at your house, allowing you to benefit from the complete cinema experience, without stepping 12 inches outside.

Satisfying customers for around 8 years and holding an experience of Fifteen years, one of the greatest home theater installation Los Angeles companies is Installer Headquarters. Their certified mechanical experts and installation experts happen to be known to provide prompt service and also the team actively works to provide their customers using the appropiate product recommendations. Also, their leading edge technology, video and audio both are the things they provide to their customers, including the latest news and details about all sorts of home entertainment products. After they happen to be called to set up your house theater system, they will make certain your property is fitted with all the desired electronic and technical specifications for the product to operate smoothly and only leave after double-checking everything. Technospeak is another such company founded in 2006 in L.A that ensures your house theater is fitted with the right settings and adjusted, including receivers, amplifiers, speakers and either an LCD or Plasma screen, based on your choice.

If you need to find such type of home theater installers in Orange County the neighborhood yellow pages may be of excellent help. Be sure you select a company that has a bit of experience a minimum of in installing home theatres as well as their technicians will help you whether it’s only for mounting speakers or installing a set screen, get all of your remotes consolidated into one as well as just to help you repair the system. Installs4less and Interstar Custom Installations are two such popular names to get home entertainment installations done easily. Not only are their services customized, but many of these companies will make sure to keep your home as undisturbed and clean as possible, wearing booties, gloves and the like, cleaning up after their jobs are done. They are also always designed with their very own tools, drills, ladders, vacuums, dusters, etc. Another positive point is that these businesses always fix a set up date prior and be sure in the future on the same date and time promised, in order to make sure the remainder of your schedules and work aren't hampered due to them.

Gadgets: Phonograph iPhone?



02/07/12 - That looks pretty sweet.

-Brought to you by Robert Thorn.


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