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Gossip: Tomatoes In July
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07/07/11 - Our friend has a book. Check it out.

Gossip: Maine Playmate Angers New York
mei ling lam

07/02/11 - Ticonderoga, a small town in New York, is apparently not too happy to have Maine Playmate Mei-Ling Lam in their town’s annual Fourth of July parade. Mei-Ling Lam, who hails from Clinton, Maine was this past June's Playmate of the Month. She was booked to ride in a convertible car during Monday’s July 4th parade in Ticonderoga (about 5,000 residents) in the eastern Adirondacks. Organizers of the parade are less-than-thrilled by her involvement. One organizer went as far to say that her participation IS NOT endorsed by the parade committee. Everyone else refused to comment.

Brian Little is the playmates business manager and is a Ticonderoga native. Little and Lam met at the University of Maine. Supposedly, Little wanted to visit his parents for the 4th, but couldn't ditch out on Lam, so he asked her if she'd want to come along and be in the local parade.

Former Atlanta Falcons running back Ken Oxendine is Lam's fiance and it is rumored he will be there to support her decision to do the parade against the citys wishes.

The majority of men from Maine are asking, "Where the hell was the playboy playmate in my 4th of July parade as a kid?!? Fu@k this sh$t!" It is said the number of men with boners at the Ticonderoga parade this year will increase by 7%, making "corner store jim" no longer the only creep in town. Corner store Jim, who has the best view of the parade in town when standing on his grocery cart told local new outlets, "I've been waiting my whole life for this. I knew my day would come."

Disclaimer: Please remember, a lot of the stuff we write isn't true. A large majority of this article could be made up. Always do your own research. After all, we are an entertainment, comedy and parody website you silly bastards.

Gossip: Teens Sue Government Over Climate Change
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climate change

05/19/11 - Five teenagers along with NASA climate scientist, James Hansen, are suing the US Government stating that they are in violation of the Public Trust Doctrine which states that it is the "government's duty to protect the resources that are essential for our collective survival and prosperity..."  Read more about it here.

- News, tips and advice from Betsy Draper.


Gossip: Girl From Maine To Be In Playboy?

mei ling lam

05/16/11 - See, Maine has at least one hot chick.

Gossip: Take A Bath. Get High?
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bath salt drugs

05/11/11 - Yep. Apparently, there are particular bath salts that when used "correctly", induce effects similar to that of cocaine or meth and this designer drug is on the rise. Visit here to purchase.

- News, tips and advice from Betsy Draper.


Gossip: We're 1 Year Old!
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03/27/11 - So, we definitely drank too much last weekend and forgot that it was SGIMOP's one year anniversary. God damn it. Oh well, there will be many more birthdays, considering we're immortal. It seems only right that we post this clip from Soylent Green in our own honor. Enjoy.

Gossip: Another Kiddie Porn Ad?


03/21/11 - Hilarious... Check out more here.

Gossip: Lolita Anyone?


03/21/11 - Would this ad fly today? Hmmmm... Check out more here.

Gossip: Hot 700 Year Old Mummy Discovered

hot dead woman

03/15/11 - Now there's a real milf.

Gossip: Hangover Pill That Works??
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06/14/10 - I have no idea if this pill works or not, but drinkwel seems to be the new hot craze. Will someone take it and let me know if it's worth the money? 

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