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Theatre Review: Much Ado About Nothing At The Classic Stage Company



12/13/11 - This past Sunday we went to check out CSC's "young rendition" of William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing. It was directed by Jimmy Maize and featured 14 members of the Columbia School of the Arts Acting class of 2012: Itohan Aghayere, Daniel Bielisnki, Sarah Eismann, Melissa Graham, Kate Flanagan, Danielle Faitelson, Matthew Michael Hurley, Eddie Ray Jackson, Dave Klasko, Daniel Levitt, Adam Lubitz, Blaze Mancillas, Natalia Miranda Guzman and Jensen Olaya. They were accompanied by a live 1920's dixieland jazz ensemble featuring Max Johnson, Max Robinson, Michael Rosengarten and Willis Wilson. I'd go into more detail about the time period they chose to set this classic in, but I don't want to ruin it for you.

Maine native, Matthew Michael Hurley, blew us away in the role of Benedick. Don't get us wrong, the rest of the cast was absolutely incredible, but Matt definitely stole the show. His delivery, as well as physical comedy, created hilarious moments where Shakespeare himself would have mumbled under his breath, "I should have thought of that." Matt has a few years of Shakespeare under his belt, having spent his past few summers with the Los Angeles Independent Shakespeare Company. It was an investment that most definitely paid off. His mastery of the old language is both shocking and impressive. I heard more than a few people after the show talking about how they were finally able to follow the language and storyline of a Shakespeare classic. I'd definitely have to give that credit to Matt and his co-stars for their brilliant and polished performance. Overall, we give our experience at the CSC an A+.

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-Brought to you by Robert Thorn.


Music Review: Pools Are Nice
pools are nice review

02/23/12 - Our most recent music submission is from a Connecticut based band called Pools Are Nice. We checked out the song "American Sneakers" from their Then You're Thinking Too Much EP. The meta tags on their page describe them as an "alternative bedroom rock fuzz garage rock indie new-wave pop post-punk surf" band and we would have to agree. It's not a genre that we here at Dirty Awesome are that into, but if that is your thing, give it a listen. Their EP sounds tight and seems decently produced. All in all, we give Pools Are Nice a B-.

RIYL: Joy Division, Smith Westerns and Abe Vigoda.

Rating: B-

-The Dirty Awesome Music Team


Music Review: Odlaw

02/23/12 - A Maine based trio, Odlaw, recently submitted for a music review. Normally, we might have passed on this band, based on the goofy hickish video above, but then we found another video of them covering La Roux and another of them playing some "Original Maine Reggae", so we decided they had some range and deserved a post. Obviously, they aren't gonna be the "next big thing," but if you own a bar or venue in Maine, they'd probably be a good bet (they're definitely talented musicians). Check em out. All in all, we give Odlaw a B-.

RIYL: Whatever they cover.

Rating: B-

-The Dirty Awesome Music Team


Music Review: The Twees "Tempermental Health"
the twees

02/08/12 - Here's a single from The Twees "Tempermental Health" (click the link for the SoundCloud Page). It reminds me of The Soft Pack but a little bit more pop.

RIYL: Lilys, Soft Pack, The Strokes

Rating: B

-News, tips and advice by Betsy Draper.


Music Review: Charles Diamond
Charles Diamond

02/08/12 - This was sent for us to check out a little while ago. Not my particular cup of tea, but it isn't half bad. Reminds me of Matt & Kim meets Bloc Party meets mid-90's emo (Jimmy Eat World-ish). Have a listen here on his Facebook page.

RIYL: Matt & Kim, Bloc Party, Deastro, Jimmy Eat World, Rival Schools

Rating: C

-News, tips and advice by Betsy Draper.


Music Review: Ambrosia Parsley At Rockwood Music Hall

12/20/11 - A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to see the incredible Ambrosia Parsley at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC. She is STUNNING to watch live. Her voice is so warm and sultry, I was almost in tears a couple of times. She used to be in the band Shivaree, but is now almost finished with her first solo record. At some points the new songs almost have a Radiohead-ish feeling, some sound like you're listening to Jazz in a small Paris club, but all leave you entranced and wanting more. Watch the video above for "Weeping Cherry", the title track off her new record. If you have a chance to see her live, DO IT.

-News, tips and advice from Betsy Draper.


Food Review: Paulie Gee's Pizza In Greenpoint

cpaulie gee's pizza greenpoint


12/13/11 - So, a few weeks ago I got a chance to try out Paulie Gee's Pizza in Greenpoint. My friends had raved about it, saying it was the best pizza east of Manhattan. I was a bit skeptical at first, but I gotta say, Paulie proved them right.

I was pretty happy with the taste of everything we had tried as it was, but then Paulie came over to check on our table and suggested I add some of his jalapeno infused honey to my slice. I have to say, it was one of the best things to ever hit my mouth. Not only will I become a regular at Paulie Gee's, but I am now going to be scouring the grocery store for jalapeno infused honey.

My only complaint was that is was in Greenpoint instead of Williamsburg, but the long walk will help me walk off all the honey I drank down. Overall, we give our experience at Paulie Gee's pizza an A+.

UPDATE: Since this post was written, Paulie Gee's has now started selling their signature jalapeno infused honey to go. Go get some!

-Brought To You By Robert Thorn.


Food Review: Red Bowl In Brooklyn

red bowl on bedford


12/13/11 - A week or so ago we got the chance to eat at Red Bowl and we had such a blast that we thought we'd write about it on here. The food was great. One of my friends got half a pineapple full of meat and another got a bread bowl full or shrimp? However, it wasn't just the food that was great. The owner also let us bring in our own wine. We had a great time to say the least. We suggest the next time you're looking for a good BYOB place on Bedford you swing by Red Bowl. Overall, we give our experience at Red Bowl an A-.

-Brought to you by Robert Thorn.


Music Review: Moon Bounce
moon bounce brooklyn

12/13/11 - We got a chance to talk with Moon Bounce the other day about everything from Radiohead to Flying Lotus and well, we decided we like him (as a person). Once we got home and listened to him, we decided we liked his music as well. Check him out. Reminded us of Gold Panda, Pogo and Thom Yorke. We liked the songs Whipped and Lovers Quarrel. Overall, we give Moon Bounce an A- (we'd love to hear some more lyrically driven stuff come out of his brain). Also, did we mention his other gig is as an actor? Jack of all trades.


-Brought tp you by Robert Thorn.

Food Review: Daikoku Sushi Restaurant In Nadi and Suva, Fiji

daikoku nadi fiji


03/13/12 - This past January we got the chance to eat at not one, but two Daikoku restaurants. We prefer the one in Nadi, but the Suva location was great too. More or less, it is nearly impossible to find sushi in Fiji, let alone good sushi. Weird, right? You're in the middle of the Pacific and there aren't any sushi restaurants? Perplexing and very annoying when you're craving raw salmon and tuna. After many hours of searching and pestering the locals, they eventually led us to Daikoku. We were a little nervous at first, considering the cleanliness of some of the other Fijian restaurants we had ventured into, but we were quickly relieved to find clean bathrooms and air conditioning. As far as the sushi goes, we'll give it a 7.7 out of 10 (they didn't have much in stock at either location). And the sushi they did have (salmon) was good, but nothing to write home about. However the presentation was what made it a great experience for us. They cook everything right in front of you, hibachi style. We had the steak, chicken, lobster, salmon, scallops, shrimp...we pretty much tried it all. I even ate the leftover fried shrimp tails at the prodding of our chef. We topped both nights off with a bottle of wine and then took some breath mints for the road. Overall, we'd give our dining experiences at Daikoku in both Suva and Nadi an A-.

-Brought to you by Robert Thorn.


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