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Music Review: Lucius At The Rockwood Music Hall
lucius music

11/14/11 - Last wednesday we got a chance to check out Lucius at the Rockwood Music Hall. We suggest you do the same and sometime soon. They are way hotter in person and their live show goes quite nicely with a cold beer. ( : The place was packed and had to be above fire capacity, but it wasn't one of those sweaty shoving nights. The vibe was energetic, but totally chill. We were able to push our way to the front without a single complaint. We enjoyed a few drinks, took a few pics and tried not to stare for too long. If I had to describe their sound, I'd say Dirty Projectors meets something from the 50's/60's like the Ronette's or the Supremes smashed together with the modern day Brooklyn hipster. But screw my opinion. Give them a listen for yourself. Overall, we give our experience with Lucius at the Rockwood Music Hall an A.  

Here's their set list:

Go home
Sit there
How loud your heart gets
Man in my radio
Turn it around
Doesn't Matter Anymore (Buddy Holly Cover)

Random connection: Our friends Erica Harsch and Amy Bishop filmed their music video for "Turn It Around." Should be out in the next few months. We'll keep you posted.


Food Review: Panna II - BYOB Indian Food

panna II new york


11/14/11 - Ok, are you under 21? Do you go to NYU? Are you broke? Sweet. I have solved all your problems. You can bring your own booze to Panna II (they didn't ID us), eat an awesome meal for under $10 and walk home drunk. Oh, did I mention the whole place is covered in Christmas lights? You can thank me later. We give our experience at Panna II and A-.

Food Review: Pedros In Kennebunkport, Maine

pedros kennebunkport maine


11/14/11 - Do you live in the woods of southern Maine? Do you want some spicy food and a margarita to help melt that ice off of your windshield? Then hed over to Pedros ASAP. We ate there the a few weeks ago and had a blast. The decor is even more hipster than most places in Portland (weird things hanging from the ceilings, bamboo wallpaper, and it even comes with tight jean wearing, book reading, black glasses hipster clientele). If you're broke (Who am I kidding? You live in Kennebunkport with the Bush's. You're obviously loaded!), you can always just stop in for some chips and salsa and a draft beer. I promise they won't let you down.

Music Review: Martin Sexton At The Strand Theater
the strand theater

11/09/11 - SGIMOP swung by The Strand Theater in Rockland, Maine last week for an intimate show (under 200 people) with Martin Sexton. The theater deserves a write up in it's own right (it was built in the 1920's and is pretty damn awesome), but Martin definitely stole the show. His set list was the perfect mash up of old and new, accompanied by random tangents and stories. He did an impromptu cover of "Purple Rain" by Prince that was probably one of the best live covers we'd ever heard. Props to whoever put on this show. Props to Martin to coming all the way up to Maine for such a small venue. And props to everyone who came out to support it. It was definitely an awesome experience to be a part of. Looking forward to whoever The Strand has coming next. Overall, we give Martin Sexton at The Strand an A.


Film Review: The Rum Diary At Nite Hawk
nite hawk

11/09/11 - So, if you live in Williamsburg and have not heard of the Nite Hawk Cinema, you need to drop whatever you are doing and go there right now. Ok, well maybe not right this second, but sometime in the next week. We watched The Rum Diary there last night and had a f-ing blast. The movie was great in its own right, but the theater took it to the next level. They have huge seats with dining tables and a wait staff that brings you as much food and beer as you can handle. We tried the chicken sandwich, a bottle of wine, the garlic pop corn and some spicy pickles. Let us just say that it did not disappoint. Did we mention that the theater also has a built in bar and restaurant outside of the screening rooms? Get your ass down there tonight! You know it's been too long since you've watched a movie in theaters while drinking a beer and getting an HJ...ok, ok, they obviously don't allow public HJ's, but it's always worth a try. We give our experience watching The Rum Diary at the Nite Hawk an A+.


Food Review: Miyake's On Fore Street In Portland, Maine


miyake portland maine

10/21/11 - We had an opportunity to hit up Miyake's new location on Fore Street in Portland, Maine the other night (a very warm modern design - love the hand made drop ceiling panels) and we definitely want to tell you about it. Yes, the prices can be a little steep for the area, but hot dang it's worth it. We tried the salmon, tuna and crab rolls as well as the miso lobster soup. The lobster miso was definitely worth it. The salmon and tuna we decided we'd describe as "light, fluffy and smooth." Definitely prepared fresh and with a variety of local farmers produce. Our only complaint was there was a little too much mayo on the crab rolls (at least for our liking). As usual, we've left the best for last: The appetizer of pan seared duck in truffle oil was honestly the best thing we've put in our mouths in months (note the photo above). Overall, we give our experience at Miyake's an A.

Food Review: STK Las Vegas



10/13/11 - SGIMOP was in the mood for some raw meat and rusty nails while we were in Vegas, so we decided to grab a bite to eat at STK (they were plum out of rusty nails). Not only was the steak delicious, but the servers were too. Also, the music selection was hoppin' (there was a dj booth?!?). It's the first time we've ever been to high end steak house and heard progressive house music?!? Our favorite part was when a dozen or so cougars (cough cough, escorts, cough) jumped up to dance on tables with their husbands. We give our experience at STK an A -

Music Review: LMFAO @ Marquee


lmfao at marquee

10/13/11 - SGIMOP swung by Marquee last Monday night to check out LMFAO. Not huge fans of their music, but they did put on a great show, or should we say party. Everyone had on a piece of black light reflective clothing, neon sunglasses, or, at the very least, a glow stick. We may have had a little bit too much to drink, but then again, who didn't. That being said, we'd like to give LMFAO at the Marquee an B +

Music Review: Skrillex @ The State Theater


skrillex portland maine

10/13/11 - SGIMOP hit up the Skrillex show in Portland, Maine last night. Not only was the show sold out, but the after party at the Port City Music Hall had even more people show up to it than the show. We had a blast. His music is a little harsh and raw at times, but the light show made up for our bleeding ears. He has a new projection style light show done on white foam blocks behind him that look like crystals. The kicker was was his futuristic suit that replicated his movements via projector on the foam behind him in the form of a "giant robotic DJ" ten times his size. It's really hard to explain. We suggest you go to a show and check it out for yourself. We give Skrillex at the State Theater an A -

Thanks to our friend Devon Johnson for getting in the back door ( :

Music Review: Thomas Gold @ XS


thomas gold

10/11/11 - We headed over to XS in Vegas last night to check out Thomas Gold. Numbers were a little bit low, but some of the girls from Crazy Horse were there raging for a bday at a private booth dancing better than the house go go dancers (props to whoever installed those stripper poles). We thought Thomas Gold's track selection was amazing, but some of the DJ's that rolled in with us said his mixing was sub par (we didn't notice). The pool was silent, but it was a Sunday. All in all we give Thomas Gold at XS a B +.

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