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Review: Dash Berlin @ Marquee


dash berlin

10/08/11 - SGIMOP swung by Marquee last night to check out Dash Berlin. It was a pretty damn good show. A little overcrowded, but the mood was definitely a good one. The pool was rocking, some chick won $3,000 on roulette, some poor bastard lost $5,000, then an angel lost its wings. Oh Vegas. The usual confetti and glow sticks were about, but the 50 foot LED light rig equipped with go-go dancers behind the DJ booth definitely brought the experience to another level. Dash Berlin came out swinging and finished pretty hard (Hardwell's opening set is definitely worth a mention as well). Overall, we'd like to give Dash Berlin at the Marquee an A -

Venue Review: Wet Republic


wet republic

10/08/11 - SGIMOP hit the pool today at Wet Republic at MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Not sure that we really need to go into detail for this one. Pretty simple: Hot foreign chicks, pools, hot tubs, world class DJ's, full bar, food, cabana's, sick view, bottle service, sun...I think that about covers it. We give Wet Republic an A -

Music Review: G Love @ The Portland Pier
g love portland state pier
G Love @ The Portland State Pier

07/25/11 - We went down to check out the G Love show on the Portland State Pier last week. The venue was actually better than expected. It was fairly cool to see huge sail boats coming in and out of port during a live show. Nothing to complain about either, although they could have used some more bathrooms (we drink a lot of beer). On the ride down, more than one of us asked the question, "Isn't he old now?" Maybe he is in his late 30's, but he didn't show it on stage. He was jumping up and down and his baby face could have fooled us (he's still got it). It wasn't a life-changing show, but he held his own and everyone seemed to be having a blast. The crowd was drunk, dancing and left happy. What more can you ask? All in all, we give G Love on the Portland State Pier a SGIMOP grade of B+.


Music Review: Lady Lamb And The Beekeeper Show At Webster Hall.
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lady lamb
Lady Lamb and The Bee Keeper - Shitty iPhone pic. Sorry.

03/04/11 - Lady Lamb and The Beekeeper not only has an interesting name, but she has an equally interesting sound. Somewhere between cute girl with an acoustic at your stereotypical coffee shop and rocking female version of Jeff Buckley solo with an electric guitar, she certainly has something going for her. Although a good producer and the addition of a band wouldn't hurt, she does seem to have some decent writing chops. There were one-liners in there that seemed like they were stolen out of a poetry book rather than written by a heart-broken teenage girl from Maine. And although she looks about 14, she is actually a ripe old 21, or so I was told. In any case, I give her solo show at Webster Hall a B+. I'm very interested to see where she'll be a year from now. There is a rumor that she will be playing the KahBang Festival this summer in Bangor, Maine. If you're looking to see her sooner, catch her at SXSW in a few weeks.

Music Review: Radiohead - The King Of Limbs
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02/19/11 - It's 3:47 AM. I'm high and drunk and I just finished listening to the new Radiohead album "The King Of Limbs." My review is as follows: Buy it. Listen to it. Let it change your life and effect the way you view the world. Run for politics. Change global policy to reflect your own opinions. Force those opinions upon the masses for their own good. Feel good about the change you've made. Pass away with your loving wife by your side. Awake in the shadow of your creator. He will ask you if you're proud of what you've done. Say yes, even if you don't believe it. What happens next is beyond your comprehension.

Film Review: Harry Potter And The Deathly Hollows Part 1
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emma watson

11/22/10 - It was good. Emma Watson was hot. That is all.


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Music Review: MGMT's Flash Delirium
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04/16/10 - Ok, I know I've been putting this off, but it's because I didn't really want to talk about it. Listen, I will forever love and respect MGMT for songs like Kids, Time to Pretend and Electric Feel, but I just sampled their new album, Flash Delirium, on iTunes and I was so disappointed that I decided not to buy any of it. I had really been hoping that they released a crappy single to trick us and then the rest of the album would be full of electronic gold, but sadly, I was wrong.

Now in all fairness, sometimes it takes me a good three or four listens of a particular song before I really start to like it, but this stuff was so bland that I got bored just listening to 30 second samples of each track. Normally, I'd question myself and try find some deeper meaning in this "new direction" they've headed in, but even they don't like their new album. Let's keep our fingers crossed that their label lets them have one more try. Maybe the third times a charm.

In the meantime, I'll try to find someone to give me the album for free and I'll give it a thorough listen. I'll let you know if I hear something that changes my mind. As a side note, I prefer hand jobs to blow jobs. Weird, right?

mgmt poll

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