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Art: Paintings Of Hot Chicks
girl art

08/03/11 - Yep, hot chick paintings.


Art: Party!
Whatever Blog

07/26/11 - Check out our friend Amy Grimm's blog. It's called the Whatever Blog. Also, check out the party she's throwing:


It's Amy from the Whatever blog, I have a blog party going on this Thursday night at Bruar Falls in Brooklyn. Rumanian Buck, Libel, The Nico Blues, Wojcik and the Diamond Center all play. Doors are at 6:30pm and the cover is $10, the show is 21 and over and Bruar Falls is located at 245 Grand Street in Williamsburg Brooklyn.



Art: Post-It's

07/25/11 - Oh post-its. You've done it again.


Art: Marilyn Monroe Has A Huge Va-Jay-Jay
marilyn monroes crotch

07/17/11 - This week a 26-foot tall statue of Marilyn Monroe was erected (ha) in Pioneer Court in Chicago. The image above is PRICELESS. via Chicago Tribune.

-News, tips and advice from Betsy Draper


Art: Ana Teresa Fernandez Oil Paintings
oil paintings

07/12/11 - Some pretty awesome oil paintings from a chick in Mexico. Check em out.


Art: Ash Orzol
ash orzol

06/26/11 - Check out our friend Ash Orzol's blog because she's hot and awesome.

Art: Joshua Allen Harris Inflatable Bag Monsters

07/11/11 - I love street art. Take me to see street art over a museum any day.


Art: Light Painting With A Roomba
roomba light paintings

07/09/11 - We love light paintings. This is pretty neat. Check out more photos here through Laughing Squid.

-News, tips and advice from Betsy Draper.

Art: Awesome Pool
awesome pool

07/04/11 - I need to get rich.

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