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Art: Not The Norm
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fuck normality

04/20/11 - YEAH.


-News, tips and advice from Betsy Draper.


Art: Lazy Tree
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lazy tree

03/24/11 - Get a job you fuck. Click here for more.

Art: This Guy Will Screw Your Face
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andrew myers

03/18/11 - You heard right. Andrew Myers will screw your face, but you have to pay him for it. Click here to get your portrait made out of screws.

Art: What Came First?
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03/15/11 - The chicken, or the egg?

Art: Candle?
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03/14/11 - I don't know what I think about this, but I like it.

Art: Pretty Nails
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03/13/11 - I'm drunk.

Art: Cocoa Death Walk
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03/12/11 - Fuck. Now I'm just hungry.

Art: Muffin Commits Suicide
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03/10/11 - Ok. I'm just gonna eat now.

Art: Banana Sex
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banana sex

03/09/11 - Damn. Now I have to go jerk off. Is that weird?

Art: McDonalds
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03/07/11 - Fuck. Now I'm even hungrier. Wait...is hungrier even a word?

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