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Film: Sacrifice By Melissa Marlette And Jen Vestuto

02/25/13 - Some friends of ours, Melissa Marlette and Jen Vestuto, are making a film...well...they WANT to make a film. As you may have heard, films are expensive. You need a crew, equipment, marketing, advertising, etc. etc. They need to raise 30k and they only have five more days to do it. We say you skip your Starbucks tomorrow morning (you've put on a little weight this winter) and give $5 to them instead. Help make someones dream come true. Click here to donate.

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Film: Midway

MIDWAY : trailer : a film by Chris Jordan from Midway on Vimeo.

02/20/13 - A film by Chris Jordan. Plastic sucks.

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Film: Bear By Nash Edgerton

02/07/13 - One of the better short films I've seen in a while.

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Film: Blinded

02/01/13 - Our friend, Christian Vogeler needs help funding his movie. Watch this vid and then click here to throw him $5.

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Film: KahBang Film Festival Accepting Submissions

kahbang film festival submissions

01/30/13 - Submit your film here. Do it. Now. Stop being lazy.

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Film: Go See Looper. It Was Good.

09/03/12 - It's like Back to the Future meets Terminator meets The Matrix. 

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Film: Survivor Type

08/31/12 - We got a chance to go to the premiere of a short film called Survivor Type at the Bangor Opera House this past Sunday. We weren't expecting much (we randomly got free tickets through a friend), but it was actually pretty awesome. It's based on a short story by Stephen King, so sadly, because they don't own the rights to it, you'll probably never get to see it. For the high price of $1, Stephen King allowed them to make the film, but they are not allowed to make any money from it and it can't be streamed online. I guess it's still a pretty sick deal though considering they get to touch his material at all. A lot of authors would have told them to pay up or F off. They also get to submit it to festivals, so you still have a chance to see it if anyone accepts their submission.

Anyway, props to Gideon Emery for nailing this incredibly intense role. Most of his work is for voiceovers in video games like Final Fantasy and Call of Duty, but he is a trained film and TV actor as well (Takers, 90210, CSI, etc.) and definitely knocked this role out of the park. When we asked him how he felt about his character he said, "I've done a lot of different genre's and a lot of different characters over the years and this role is by far the one I am most proud of." Props to Maine Director/Producer Billy Hanson for putting this whole thing together. Did we mention Gideon eats his ear in this film? Yep. He eats his ear. He also eats some other stuff, but we'll leave it up to your imagination. 

-Brought to you by Robert Thorn.

Film: Lawless Trailer

08/21/12 - I pretty much love any period piece about the 20's or 30's. Awesome time in American History for story telling. Can't wait to see this.

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Film: Wanna Know What The Best Movie Of 2012 Will Be?


06/07/12 - Django Unchained. Great director. Great actors. Great film.

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Film: Great Gatsby


05/29/12 - At first, I was excited for this film because I love book and I love Leonardo DiCaprio, but after watching the trailer it looks a bit bland. Also, the music selection sucks and Carey Mulligan isn't the best casting choice for my tastes. Oh well, I'm still gonna pat the $12 to go see it, so I guess they did something right. 

-Brought to you by Robert Thorn.



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