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Film: A Dangerous Method


09/11/11 -
Hmmmm...I think I'm gonna go jerk off now. What? That's what the movie says to do, right?



Film: REAL Planet Of The Apes?!?

09/06/11 - It's only a matter of time...


Film: Juice 3.0 Film Contest in Camden, Maine
juice 3.0 film contest

09/02/11 - Check out this film contest in Camden, Maine. It's a part of Juice 3.0


Film: Bob Hope And James Cagney Could Still Dance In Their 50's

08/31/11 - I don't think I could even do that when I was 18. Brad Pitt and George Clooney need to step up their game. Those old-timers had some real talent.


Film: Pixar Has A New Movie Coming Out

08/19/11 - Couldn't they have made her a little better looking? I mean, come on. She's definitely no Ariel or Belle.


Film: Bill Murray To Receive Lifetime Achievement Award At KahBang!
bill murray

08/09/11 - Big news! It has just been announced that Bill Murray is being honored with a lifetime achievement award at the KahBang Festival this Saturday! You won't want to miss this!


Film: The French Were Nazi's Too?

08/08/11 - I'm so confused. The French had concentration camps too?

Film: Bob And The Monster

08/06/11 - Bob and The Monster screened at the KahBang music | art | film Festival last night. A really well made documentary about Bob Forrest (Thelonious Monster) very moving. It was funny to see and hear Courtney LoveJohn Frusciante (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mars Volta, Warpaint), Anthony Kiedis (RHCP), Flea (RHCP), Keith Morris (Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Off!), etc. talk about how they "remember" Bob being so fucked up. Ha. You should definitely go watch this movie.

-News, tips and advice from Betsy Draper.

Film: The Man Without A Facebook

07/29/11 - Oh Facebook, what are you going to do about Google+?


Film: 'Tabloid' Trailer

07/25/11 - Sex(porn), kidnapping and Mormons?? Yes, I will go see this movie. Tabloid the movie in select theatres July 15.


-News, tips and advice from Betsy Draper.


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