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Film: Fourth Meal


- A message from one of our friends Ellie Foumbi:


I'm trying to garner support for my director friend's script FOURTH MEAL. She is a finalist in the Rockstone Web Series screenplay contest. The winner gets their script financed and aired on the Black Women's Entertainment network. My director's name is Nikyatu Jusu and she works so hard and is so dedicated to her craft. I believe she really deserves to win this. If you look her up, you will see that she is very accomplished. She also has a film on HBO at the moment called Say Grace Before Drowning which is getting some amazing reviews.

I'm trying to get as many people to vote for her script as possible. It would be a great help if you could advertise this contest and encourage people to vote for her. That's what I'm asking. It will also help us get publicity for our upcoming web series.

It's very simple and takes 2 seconds to vote. All people have to do is go to www.rockstone.org/contest.htm, click on FOURTH MEAL and then click on the 5 stars. That's it!

Please let me know if that's possible.

Thank you so much!!!

Devoted actor,

Ellie F.

Film: Groundhog Day 2 "Cinco de Mayo"

movie sequel map

7/21/11 - Ha, no not really, but i'm really hoping that they make a sequel to Wet Hot American Summer 'cause that movie is dope. Oh, and I firmly believe that all of the Indiana Jones movies are awesome. Indy is my sugar daddy. Click here for a larger version via BoxOfficeQuant.

-News, tips and advice from Betsy Draper.


Film: Another Earth

- Looks pretty good.

Film: Super 8

- Has anyone seen this yet? Is it any good?

Film: Flat Foot Films

flat foot films

- Check out our friend Ted Hemberger's film company Flat Foot Films. He's from Maine. We like Maine., He makes movies. We like movies. You get the idea.


Film: Crewing Up?

carlos benjamin

- Well do we have the man for you! Our buddy Carlos Benjamin has been called one of the best PA's in New York. Email him today at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (yes, that's a play on walkie lingo). He might possibly be the best Key PA you'll ever lay your eyes on. Did we mention he's one sexy bastard?


Film: Film About Living On the Streets Of Maine

maine film

- Local Maine filmmaker, Dovid Muyderman, tells his personal story of living on the streets. Click here to read more.


Film: Maine Filmmaker Shoots Documentary In Brazil


- Local Maine filmmaker, Chas Bruns, has a new project in the works. Check it out.


Film: Teardrop
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- Our friend Saul Luzeus was just AD on a new short film called Teardrop. It's screening at the Brooklyn Film Festival. More info here.


Film: Conan O'Brian Has A Movie Coming Out
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conan o'brian movie

- Yep...


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