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Film: Groundhog Day 2 "Cinco de Mayo"

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7/21/11 - Ha, no not really, but i'm really hoping that they make a sequel to Wet Hot American Summer 'cause that movie is dope. Oh, and I firmly believe that all of the Indiana Jones movies are awesome. Indy is my sugar daddy. Click here for a larger version via BoxOfficeQuant.

-News, tips and advice from Betsy Draper.


Film: Another Earth

- Looks pretty good.

Film: Super 8

- Has anyone seen this yet? Is it any good?

Film: Flat Foot Films

flat foot films

- Check out our friend Ted Hemberger's film company Flat Foot Films. He's from Maine. We like Maine., He makes movies. We like movies. You get the idea.


Film: Crewing Up?

carlos benjamin

- Well do we have the man for you! Our buddy Carlos Benjamin has been called one of the best PA's in New York. Email him today at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (yes, that's a play on walkie lingo). He might possibly be the best Key PA you'll ever lay your eyes on. Did we mention he's one sexy bastard?


Film: Film About Living On the Streets Of Maine

maine film

- Local Maine filmmaker, Dovid Muyderman, tells his personal story of living on the streets. Click here to read more.


Film: Maine Filmmaker Shoots Documentary In Brazil


- Local Maine filmmaker, Chas Bruns, has a new project in the works. Check it out.


Film: Teardrop
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- Our friend Saul Luzeus was just AD on a new short film called Teardrop. It's screening at the Brooklyn Film Festival. More info here.


Film: Conan O'Brian Has A Movie Coming Out
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conan o'brian movie

- Yep...


Film: Born To Be Wild
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- This actually looks like it might be worth watching...


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