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Viral Video: Thinking Of Getting Acupuncture?


09/21/11 - Would you jump?

Viral Video: Bubble Gum Condoms?


09/21/11 - Quick thinker.

Viral Video: What The F Is Going On Here?


09/19/11 - Well that was interesting?

Viral Video: Gay Adam?


09/19/11 - Hilarious.

Viral Video: Use A Condom. Give A Condom.
sir richards condoms

09/06/11 - "Doing Good Never Felt Better." This is the slogan for Sir Richard's Condom Company. They've kinda followed along in the footsteps of Tom's Shoe Company (THE BEST), except that instead of helping to provide shoes for those in need, they are providing prophylactic's for those in need. Pretty damn cool. Check out GOOD Magazine's recent article on Sir Richard's and hear more about their upcoming Condom US Tour.

-News, tips and advice from Betsy Draper.

Viral Video: Beach Walker?


09/02/11 - You'd think he would have spent his time curing cancer or feeding orphans. What a selfish d-bag. 

Viral Video: BMX Stunt Show At The Carnival Of Madness Tour In Bangor, Maine.


09/06/11 - BMX Stunt Show at the Carnival of Madness Tour in Bangor, Maine.

Viral Video: Daisy Lowe Strikes Again...

08/31/11 - I think I have an addiction...

Viral Video: Hurricane Irene Knocks Out Power In Bangor, Maine


08/29/11 - Hurricane Irene in Bangor, Maine at 12:15 AM today. Nothing too crazy happening, but the TV went out in the middle of my movie. Should have bought an f'n generator...

Viral Video: Hurricane Irene In Dedham, Maine


08/28/11 - Hurricane Irene at Lucerne Lake in Dedham, Maine at 4:30 PM today. Just looks like a regular rain storm to me. Sucks for anyone who forgot to pull their boats in though.

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