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Politics: How Do You Feel About Plastic?

10/07/13 - Yep, plastic is bad.

-Brought to you by Robert Thorn.

Politics: Children Explain How To Deal With Our Debt To China

10/25/13 - Jimmy Kimmel has had some pretty awesome internet videos as of late.

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Politics: Russell Brand Wants A Political Revolution. We Agree With Him.

10/27/13 - We don't agree with the not voting portion, but everything else he said is pretty spot on.

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Politics: Joshua Plourde Is Running For Bangor City Council. We Interviewed Him. Click Here To See What He Has To Say.

Joshua PlourdePhoto by Jeff Kirlin

10/07/13 - Soylent Green: What made you want to run for Bangor City Council?

Joshua Plourde: Frankly, I really like it here and I want it to grow. I grew up in a small pulp town about an hour north of Bangor where my neighbor was a mile away. Now, I can't walk from my doorstep to my car each morning without seeing at least one person who waves and wishes me good morning. That's pretty cool.

Soylent Green: If you could change one thing about Bangor, what would it be?

Joshua Plourde: This is coming from a bit of a magic wand standpoint: bring in about 15,000 more people.

Joshua Plourde

Soylent Green: Do you consider yourself more liberal or more conservative?

Joshua Plourde: I'm a climate scientist by education, I drive a Prius and have a farm share. I've hosted fundraisers for politicians from both major parties (the parties like this), though I'm un-enrolled (the parties don't like this). My most recent party affiliation was with the Maine Green Independent party, but I'm interested in electoral reform and I don't feel the parties should have as much authority as they do (camera pans to Washington, D.C.).

If you couldn't deduce, I'm politically JUST on the crunchy side of center.

Soylent Green: If you could bring one new business into downtown Bangor, what would it be?

Joshua Plourde: A high end, French bakery with bread and pastries. When you get an investor, call me.

Joshua Plourde

Soylent Green: How do you feel about Waterfront Concerts?

Joshua Plourde: They won my heart over when they brought Trombone Shorty to Bangor. I'm a trombone player and love whenever I can hear brass live. Bring David Byrne and I'll be speechless. I didn't like that it was down-pouring during the Trombone Shorty/Avett Brothers concert, but I digress. Some residents question the noise impact; I've penned a thorough response, here: http://www.joshforbangor.com/concerts-music

Soylent Green: Do you think Bangor has a drug problem, and if so, how do you plan to remedy the issue?

Joshua Plourde: Earlier this summer I did a night shift on a Friday with the Bangor Police Department. According to both sergeants that I spent some time with, heroin is on the rise in Bangor. It would be hard to deny there's a drug presence in Bangor. The federal and state government historically set the mandates and we have an incredible police force in Bangor to enforce those rules.

My personal plan to remedy the presence of drugs: if I see something happening that's either crime related or otherwise uncomfortably suspicious, I call the cops, I give them a thorough description of what's happening, and I wait (at a safe distance) for the police to arrive so I can further assist them if any new information is available that can help them. Overall community safety comes down to two things: a high quality, local police force and a commitment from citizens to speak up.

Joshua Plourde

Soylent Green: How will you contribute to ending "brain drain" (the issue of Bangor's brightest and best moving away for better opportunities elsewhere)?

Joshua Plourde:

- Keep Bangor schools strong and growing; provide students with high quality, high-tech educational experiences inclusive of the arts.
- Support K-12 programs that link young learners to targeted programs at local universities and colleges.
- Support groups that encourage cross-generational technical skills and cooperation, such as the Maine Hacker's Club, who uses technology to solve civic problems.
- Do everything I can to bring fiber optic internet to businesses and homes in Bangor.

Soylent Green: What do you currently do for work? Do you think that position has helped to prepare you for a seat on the Bangor Council?

Joshua Plourde: I work at the University of Maine's Advanced Structures and Composites Center... or rather, I work on the UMaine offshore wind program. I help manage the communications group within the Center, develop outreach strategies, and network in various communities in Maine.

My job has totally helped me prepare for a position with Bangor City Council: my job is to take complex problems and break them down so they can be easily communicated to various groups of people. I've made a lot of high quality industry contacts. I've lobbied Augusta at committee-level meetings. I've made close contacts with all federal congressional offices (with the exception of Pingree's, I'm still working on that). And I, fortunately, continue to have a hell of time doing it.

Joshua Plourde

Soylent Green: What do you think is Bangor's best asset?

Joshua Plourde: The – arguably – completely untapped 17,000 college-age students that live in the Greater Bangor region. These folks graduate and leave, in most cases. A strong percentage should be staying in Bangor, opening businesses and creating jobs.

Soylent Green: What do you think it Bangor's biggest liability?

Joshua Plourde: Forgetting that we're a great city, with opportunities, geography, people, and climate that few other cities can boast. Bangor (and Maine, really) has a tendency to never feel good enough about itself to push our product to market. It's time to pick up the bootstraps.

Call or write anytime - my email is josh DOT plourde AT gmail.com. (Psst... The DOT and AT are codes.)

Joshua Plourde

-Brought to you by Robert Thorn.

Politics: McDonalds CEO Has Employee Arrested For Asking For A Raise?

10/22/13 - Do CEO's really deserve to earn so much more than the rest of us?

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Politics: Eliot Cutler Is Pro-Choice And We Like That

10/17/13 - As long as LePage is out, I'll be happy.

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Politics: Wanna See How Politics Really Works? You Won't Like The End Of This Video.

10/17/13 - I do love lobster.

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Politics: Nebraska Court Rules Teen Too Immature For An Abortion, But Is Somehow Mature Enough To Raise A Kid?


10/07/13 - Click here to read about how a Nebraska Judge ruled that at 16 year old was not mature enough for an abortion, but somehow mature enough to raise her child: http://tinyurl.com/k8pfzv3

-Brought to you by Robert Thorn.

Politics: New Zealand Politician Speaks His Mind About Gay Marriage. We Liked What He Had To Say.

10/07/13 - Smart man.

-Brought to you by Robert Thorn.

Politics: Heaven


10/07/13 - Sad, but true.

-Brought to you by Robert Thorn.

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