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TV: Kevin Spacey Explains Why He Loves Netflix And Then Has A Psychic Vision Of The Future Of Television. We Agree With Him.

09/05/13 - I said all that to my roommate in LA the day we signed up for Netflix back in 2004. This is nothing new. The damn networks and cable providers just need to get their shit together.

-Brought to you by Robert Thorn.

TV: Downton Diddy

06/03/13 - If you've ever been forced to watch "Downton Abbey," this is your restitution.

-Brought to you by Chester Copperpot.

TV: Game Of Thrones Spoiler Alert!

game of thrones episode 9

06/03/13 - Well, it was written in the books. Can't blame the writers.

-Brought to you by Robert Thorn.

TV: Maisie William's Hilarious Spolier Alert For Episode 9 of Game Of Thrones

06/03/13 - Maisie William's hilarious spolier alert for episode 9 of Game Of Thrones.

-Brought to you by Robert Thorn.

TV: Netflix To Release More Arrested Development Episodes

unreleased arrested development episodes

04/04/13 - I'm gonna let this speak for itself....Okay, actually I'm gonna post the info because it will help me get hits from the search engines. Thus, here is what's up:

Netlfix is going to release 15 new episodes of Arrested Development all at once on May 26th. Yes, you heard right. Prepare for Netflix to shut down on May 26th.

-Brought to you by Robert Thorn.

TV: 34 And Pregnant!

34 and pregnant

05/04/13 - What a scandal!

-Brought to you by Robert Thorn.

TV: Reality Television Awards

reality tv awards

03/12/13 - A friend just emailed me this. Apparently there is an award show for reality TV stars. Who knew? Here's all the info about the 2013 RealityWanted Awards:

"Reality television is making major strides in the TV world, so it’s about time for our own awards show! For all the hard-working individuals in the industry, this is your chance to obtain an award in production, development, casting, and more! However, what would a reality TV awards show be without recognizing the stars who offer America endless hours of entertainment?

The reality TV industry has some of the most fascinating people around, whether they are behind the camera or in front of it. This will be a night to celebrate: time to drop the cameras, turn in your walkies, and RED-NECK-OG-NIZE all that we have accomplished!  I know we made Honey Boo Boo proud!

Stay tuned here for the latest information on the upcoming awards! We hope to see you at the event on Thursday, April 11, 2013, at Greystone Manor in West Hollywood, CA!"

-Brought to you by Robert Thorn.

TV: Frenchkiss Records Partners With David Cross And The Orchard To Launch FKR.TV

03/07/13 - Syd Butler (Les Savy Fav, Frenchkiss Records) has partnered with actor-comedian David Cross and The Orchard Video Network to launch FKR.TV

FKR.TV will focus primarily on original creative content with five new weekly shows, but will also include music videos, rare live performances by FKR artists, and unique content from the Frenchkiss archives. 

View the trailer here, and subscribe to the Official FKR.TV YouTube Partner channel here.

We are excited to present our first line-up of shows:

Song Of the Wild, a show that was created/written by Les Savy Fav frontman Tim Harrington and features David Cross, is about five musicians stranded in the forest, singing to survive. Think a mix between Hunger Games and American Idol. 

The cast of Song of the Wild features David Cross, Gavin McInnes (Rooster NY, Street Carnage) Tim Harrington (Les Savy Fav, Beardo) performance artist Jibz Cameron, Keith Poulson (star of Nick Offerson's forthcoming movie,Somebody Up There Likes Me) Jayson Green (Violent Bullshit, Panthers,) and Grace Lee. 

What happened when we dropped five aspiring pop stars in the middle of the unforgiving wilderness for 30 days? We’ll see when they answer the Song of the Wild. Produced by: Last Pictures

Blowing Up with Nadia features sports-obsessed actress/ comedian Nadja Dajani who interviews professional athletes/musicians. Including The Beasty Boys member, AD Rock. 

Hundredaires are two hipsters who got bored with Brooklyn and Portland, OR, so they moved to Portland, Maine. Will they ever find that unattainable cool? Produced by Two Penguins. 

This One Time... features short stories that are incarnated and reenacted as puppets.

Five Questions with a Five-Year-Old stars Ms. Lyla Butler, a five-year-old wunderkind who asks artists/celebrities five questions about philosophy and deep political issues, like "What's your favorite animal?"

And more to come...

-Brought to you by Robert Thorn.

TV: Ancient Aliens Is One Of The Best Shows On Television
it was aliens

10/05/12 - I honestly love this show. It's my conspiracy theory cocaine. I'm addicted.

-Brought to you by Robert Thorn.

TV: Wanna See What The Guys From Trailer Park Boys Are Doing Now?

07/29/12 - The guys from Trailer Park Boys have a new show called The Drunk and on Drugs Happy Funtime Hour. Enjoy.

-Brought to you by Robert Thorn.

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