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TV: Kenny Powers Ecstasy Dance

08/06/11 - I was reminded of this clip the other day. Fucking hilarious. Kenny Powers is the goddamn man. "WORK DRUGS".

-News, tips and advice from Betsy Draper.

TV: Ancient Aliens

08/03/11 - Luckily Ancient Aliens is available on Netflix. The SGIMOP team is hooked. Forget religion. It's all about the aliens.

TV: Carl Sagan And Aliens

06/23/11 - Oh Carl. I miss your pretty face.

TV: The RA's

06/12/11 - Our buddy Taso Mikroulis is in an awesome new web series called The RA's. They recently added Jackie Hoffman (currently appearing on Broadway as Grandma Addams in The Addams Family) and Elizabeth Hagstedt (appeared as Mrs. Lovett, Pirelli and the Beggar Woman in the national tour of John Doyle's production of Sweeney Todd). The RA's is a new web drama about a group of juniors at a performing arts college who come of age in 1999. The RA's won the 2011 New York Television Festival/Writers Guild of America Pitch Contest. Check it out in the preview window above.

TV: Dealership

06/11/11 - Our friend Todd Spence has a TV show. We like it. Check it out!

TV: The Church Of Fonz
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fonzie family guy

04/27/11 - The Father, The Son and the Holy Fonz. Let us "aaayyyyy".


-News, tips and advice from Betsy Draper.


TV: 5th Season Of Mad Men Delayed?
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season 5 of mad men delayed

05/15/10 - Sad but true, contract disputes and budget cutbacks seem to be the main issue.

TV: Mischa Barton Smokes Weed
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mischa barton

08/17/10 - Ok! I'm back from vacation! Yay! Let the bullshit posts begin again! I'm going to start by posting this picture of Mischa Barton smoking weed on a boat because that's what I was doing for the past two weeks in Maui. Yay for weed and tropical places!


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TV: VIP Colbert Report Contest
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steven colbert

06/14/10 - The good folks over at UrbanDaddy.com have some VIP Colbert Report tickets to give away as well as some cool club connections. Click here for the details. 

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TV: Bam Margera Might Actually Die This Time
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bam margera

06/13/10 - Bam Margera got attacked by some crazy lady with a baseball bat outside a bar he owns. It's still unclear why exactly, but he's in the hospital now. I doubt he'll die though. He's been through much worse before.


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