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TV: Dealership

06/11/11 - Our friend Todd Spence has a TV show. We like it. Check it out!

TV: The Church Of Fonz
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fonzie family guy

04/27/11 - The Father, The Son and the Holy Fonz. Let us "aaayyyyy".


-News, tips and advice from Betsy Draper.


TV: 5th Season Of Mad Men Delayed?
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season 5 of mad men delayed

05/15/10 - Sad but true, contract disputes and budget cutbacks seem to be the main issue.

TV: Mischa Barton Smokes Weed
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mischa barton

08/17/10 - Ok! I'm back from vacation! Yay! Let the bullshit posts begin again! I'm going to start by posting this picture of Mischa Barton smoking weed on a boat because that's what I was doing for the past two weeks in Maui. Yay for weed and tropical places!


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TV: VIP Colbert Report Contest
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steven colbert

06/14/10 - The good folks over at UrbanDaddy.com have some VIP Colbert Report tickets to give away as well as some cool club connections. Click here for the details. 

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TV: Bam Margera Might Actually Die This Time
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bam margera

06/13/10 - Bam Margera got attacked by some crazy lady with a baseball bat outside a bar he owns. It's still unclear why exactly, but he's in the hospital now. I doubt he'll die though. He's been through much worse before.


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TV: Jesus Christ To Do A Reality TV Show?
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jesus christ

06/03/10 - Satan, one of the top executives over at Comedy Central, just got Jesus Christ to sign on to do a new TV show about his life. However, it might not get made because tons of people are protesting the show (like that weird lady in Kansas with all the cats and that fat chick that lives down the street from me).


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TV: Gary Coleman's Gonna Die?
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05/27/10 - I actually hope he doesn't die. He seems like a nice enough fella. Actually, I've never met him and I have no idea what he's like. Maybe he's a huge d-bag. I have no idea. Anyway, he's been hospitalized. Check it out.

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TV: Heidi Montag Is Single
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05/28/10 - Heidi Montag has broken up with whoever that blond haired guy was. I know. Sorry. It was a slow news day.

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TV: LOST Recap - S. 6 Ep. 15 Through To The Finale
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Emilie De Ravin

05/24/10 - I refuse to write about the last few episodes because I just finished watching the series finale and I am so utterly disappointed that I don't have the energy to write about them. What a bunch of bullshit. They answered nothing. I mean...

1.) What is the light?
2.) Is the island real, or is the separate reality on the mainland real? Also, are there multiple realities? 
3.) Is the island purgatory and the other reality is "heaven"? What happens to the island now? 
4.) Is there a God? Does religion have anything to do with any of this? If so, what religion are they referencing?
5.) What happened to everyone who flew away on the plane?
6.) Were they all dead all along and the island was just a holding place until they went to "heaven"?
7.) What message are we supposed to take away from this? That life is a series of random experiences and it's our journey and friendships we make along the way that really matter, not our achievements or what we leave behind? Although that's a great message, it's a fairly obvious one and seems like something we're taught in grade school. I was looking for something much more profound. For instance, when Indiana Jones takes the leap of faith and steps onto the invisible walkway and is saved from falling to his death in Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. That was awesome. In doing so, Speilberg was more or less saying: "Your faith will save you." implying that God was real. I was hoping the writers of LOST would make just as much of a bold statement. I wouldn't have cared what it was. They could have said that God was fake, or that aliens existed. It wouldn't have mattered to me as long as it was a huge statement. To have the overall message be that life is a series of experiences seemed like a copout and a fizzle rather than a bang. Whatever, the rest of the series was so good that I guess I'll let it slide. I'm moving onto Flash Forward now. Hopefully it will fill the void.

P.S. - The finale wasn't a total failure. It did have some redeeming qualities to it. All in all, I'd give the entire series a 9.7 out of 10. I definitely still consider it the best show in the history of television, hands down. I'll miss you my LOST.

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